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Sign Up/Action Items
1) Breakfast Treat Cart. Please sign up for an item or two for the Breakfast Cart. Please send items in by Monday May 6.

2) "Teacher Favorites" Class Gift Baskets. By Monday May 6, please send in an item(s) from your child’s teacher favorites - Click the button to the right OR feel free to get creative!

3) Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. Please sign up to cover the class with another parent, so all of the teachers can enjoy the luncheon together. You won’t be alone and will have things to do.

Want more details? Here’s what is happening each day and any “extra” info:

Monday May 6– A Surprise from Mrs Jones and Mrs Davis

NOTE: ACTION ITEM DUE DATE……This is also the day you send in the breakfast cart items and anything you want added to the class gift basket. (Sign Up and Teacher Favorite listings are above.) 

Tuesday May 7– Breakfast Treat Cart

Wednesday May 8– Class Gift Basket

NOTE: A basket or bin for these items will be in each classroom. By Monday May 6, please send in your gifts in a closed bag or wrap if you’d like as it’s a “surprise gift.” Feel free to include to/from label from your child or family. All of the items will be collected by Lisa Jackson the afternoon of Monday May 6 and prepared as big class gift basket for each individual class. Your child’s teacher may not have Teachers Favorites listed. That said, feel free to get creative for any/all!

NOTE 2: If you’d like to include something for the resource teacher baskets, please send those in a closed bag as well and label who it’s for. (Art: Mrs P, Library: Mrs Schnee, Music: Mrs Stanleigh, PE: Mr Berge, STEAM: Mrs Ballou). 
NOTE 3: As always, we like to include our additional staff in the fun. Not sure who that person is? Please check with your room parent if you’d like to send something in for him/her.

Thursday May 9– Teacher Luncheon.

NOTE: Please sign up for the teacher luncheon at the sign up above! It is with your help that each teacher will be able to join in the luncheon.

Friday May 10– “Sundae on a Friday” ice cream sundae bar

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